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The following are resources that you may find useful when delivering modules leading to a range of QQI components.

Since Autumn 2015 FESS has engaged the services of experienced teachers and tutors to develop suggested resource lists for a range of modules leading to QQI components at levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

These lists may be of interest to teachers teaching a module for the first time or teachers looking for new ideas.  It is hoped to continue to upload more resource lists as they become available.

In 2021, QQI validated Early Learning and Care programmes at NFQ levels 5 and 6, for use by the ETB sector in Ireland. Resources that may be useful to those delivering the programme leading to the NFQ level 5 Early Learning and Care award can be accessed here.

For those working in an ETB, you may find additional resources through the ETBI FET Digital Library. This library is intended to provide access to digital resources that support teaching and learning practices and to enhance the educational experience for learners. It offers resources for supporting learning as well as providing a support tool for teachers, trainers, and instructors. It includes sections on traditional academic library topics such as referencing and plagiarism as well more “core” areas such a health & wellbeing and study skills. There is also a resource section which links to free electronic resources that may be useful to FET learners.

Please note: 
On occasion, it may be the case that a resource has been removed/moved online since the resource list was developed. In this case the link contained in the resource list will no longer work.

If you find a broken link, please e-mail resourcelist@fess.ie, indicating the relevant component title and code and the name of the resource for which the link is not working.
FESS will endeavour to find the new link to the relevant resource and update the resource list. 
Where it is not possible to find a new link, FESS will remove reference to this resource from the list.

In the meantime, you may also find it useful to search online for the relevant resource using the title, and in doing that you may find the new link yourself. 


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6






Level 1

Component Title and Code Resources

Literacy and Communications Literacy and Communications Resource List
Numeracy Numeracy Resource List
Personal Skills and Development Personal Skills and Development Resource List


Level 2

Component Title and Code Resources

Computer Skills M2T11 Computer Skills Resource List

Data Handling M2N08

Data Handling Resource List
Food Choice and Health M2H16

Food Choice and Health M2H16
Life Sciences: Horticulture M2S28 Life Sciences; Horticulture M2S28

Listening and Speaking M2C03 Listening and Speaking Resource List

Non-Verbal Communications M2C04

Non-Verbal Communications Resource List
Pattern and Relationship M2N06 Pattern Relationship Resource List

Personal Decision Making M2L12

Personal Decision Making Resource List
Quantitative Problem Solving M2N09 Quantitative Problem Solving Resource List

Quantity and Number M2N05 Quantity and Number Resource List

Reading M2C01 Reading Resource List

Relaxation Techniques M2H21 Relaxation Techniques Resource List

Setting Learning Goals M2L13 Setting Learning Goals Resource List

Shape and Space M2N07 Shape and Space Resource List

Using Technology M2T10 Using Technology Resource List

Writing M2C02 Writing Resource List


Numeracy related resources

NWTHome Math - Everyday Math Skills

Money Math - Everyday Math Skills

Kitchen Math - Everyday Math Skills


EducootThere are a number of resources available through this site, www.educoot.org.

Some of the resources on the site are free and others are for purchasing.

You will find some resources relating specifically to level 2 QQI awards.

Level 3

Component Title and Code Resources

Application of Number 3N0928

Application of Number Resource List
Art and Design 3N0608

Coming Soon
Breakfast Cookery 3N0895

Breakfast Cookery Resource List
Career Preparation 3N0896 Careeer Preparation Resource ListCareeer Preparation Resource List

Caring for Children 3N0610

Caring for Children
Communications 3N08880 Communications Resource List

Computer Literacy 3N0881

Computer Literacy Resource List
Craft - Textiles 3N1048

Craft - Textile Resource List
Database 3N0550

Database Resource List
Digital Media 3N0552 Digital Media Resource List
English as a Second Language 3N0870 English as a Second Language Resource List

French 3N0862 French Resource List

Functional Mathematics 3N0930

Functional Mathematics Resource List
Health and Fitness 3N0531 Health and Fitness Resource List

Health and Safety Awareness 3N0532 Health and Safety Awareness Resource List

Intercultural Awareness 3N0534 Intercultural Awareness Resource List

Internet Skills 3N0931

Internet Skills Resource List
Managing Personal Finances 3N0921 Managing Personal Finances Resource List

Mathematics 3N0930 Mathematics Resource List


Numeracy related resources

NWTHome Math - Everyday Math Skills

Money Math - Everyday Math Skills

Kitchen Math - Everyday Math Skills

Personal Effectiveness 3N0565 Personal Effectiveness Resource List

Spreadsheets 3N0542 Spreadsheets Resource List

Woodwork 3N0589

Woodwork Resource List
Word Processing 3N0588 Word Processing Resource List

Work Experience 3N0587 Work Experience Resource List


EducootThere are a number of resources available through this site, www.educoot.org.

Some of the resources on the site are free and others are for purchasing.

You will find some resources relating specifically to level 3 QQI awards. -


Level 4

Component Title and Code Resources

Bookkeeping and Accounts 4N2267

Bookkeeping and Accounts Resource List
Business Calculations 4N2279 Business Calculations Resource List

Business English 4N1108 

Business English Resource List
Career Planning 4N1109

Career Planning Resource List
Catering Operations and Systems 4N1133 

Catering Operations and Systems Resource List
Child Care and Safety 4N1905

Child Care and Safety Resource List
Child Development and Play 4N1111

Child Development and Play Resource List
Communications 4N0689

Communications Resource List
Computer Applications 4N1112 

Computer Applications Resource List
Culinary Techniques 4N1134

Culinary Techniques Resource List
Cultural Studies 4N3400

Cultural Studies Resource List
Customer Service 4N1989 

Customer Service Resource List
Database Methods 4N1115 Database Methods Resource List

Design 4N1139 

Design Resource List
Desktop Publishing 4N1854 

Desktop Publishing Resource List
Digital Media Technology 4N1858 

Digital Media Technology Resource List

Drawing 4N1878 

Drawing Resource List
English as a Second Language 4N1180 

English as a Second Language Resource List
Entrepreneurial Skills 4N1128 

Entrepreneurial Skills Resource List
Food and Nutrition 4N2830 

Food and Nutrition Resource List
Functional Mathematics 4N2138 

Functional Mathematics Resource Listunctional Mathematics Resource List
General Office Skills 4N1116 

General Office Skills Resource List
Graphic Design 4N1117 

Graphic Design Resource List
Growing Vegetables 4N0671 

Growing Vegetables Resource List

Healthcare 4N3776

Healthcare Resource List
Human Biology 4N2910 

Human Biology Resource List
Information Technology Skills 4N1125 Information Technology Skills Resource List

Mathematics 4N1987 

Mathematics Resource List
Personal and Interpersonal Development 4N1131 

Personal and Interpersonal Development Resource List
Personal Effectiveness 4N1132

Personal Effectiveness Resource List
Plant Identification, Care and Maintenance 4N1186 

Plant Identification, Care and Maintenance Resource List
Reception Skills 4N1867 

Reception Skills Resource List
Retail Skills Techniques 4N1183 

Retail Skills Techniques Resource List
Retail Skills Unit 1 Powerpoint Presentation
Retail Skills Unit 2 Powerpoint Presentation

Short Order Cooking 4N1151 

Short Order Cooking Resource List
Spanish 4N1178

Spanish Resource List
Spreadsheet Methods 4N1120 

Spreadsheet Methods Resource List
Stock Control 4N1184 Stock Control Resource List
Teamworking 4N1169

Teamworking Resource List
Textiles 4N2048 

Textiles Resource List
Understanding Interculturalism 4N1121 

Understanding Interculturalism Resource List
Web Design 4N1122 

Web Design Resource List
Woodcraft 4N3185

Woodcraft Resource List
Word Processing 4N1123 

Word Processing Resource List
Work Experience 4N1168

Work Experience Resource List
Work Place Safety 4N1124 

Work Place Safety Resource List

Level 5

Component Title and Code


Adventure Activities 5N4646 AdventureActivities5N4646ResourceList

Advertising 5N0748  Advertising Resource List

Anatomy & Physiology 5N0749  Anatomy & Physiology Resource List

Animal Behaviour 5N0751 AnimalBehaviour5N0751ResourceList

Animal Welfare 5N0753


Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Animal Welfare 5N0753 - further information here
Appreciation of Art, Craft and Design 5N0755

Appreciation Of Art Craft & Design Resource List
Approaches to Early Childhood Education 5N1763

Biology 5N2746

Biology Resource List
Body Massage and Figure Analysis 5N3465

Bookkeeping (Manual and Computerised) 5N1354

Bookkeeping Manual And Computerised Resource Listerised Resource List
Business Administration 5N1610  Business Administration Resource List

Business Law 5N2091

Business Law Resource List
Capstone for Office Infomatics 5N18295 Capstonefor Office Informatics Resource List

Care of the Older Person 5N2706  Care of the Older Person Resource List

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland in collaboration with the Irish Hospice  Foundation has developed three leaflets for families coping with dementia: These leaflets may be useful for teachers delivering, or learners following, modules leading to Palliative Care Support 5N3769 and Care of the Older Person 5N2706.
The Irish Hospice Foundation has also produced a guidance document callled ‘ Facilitating discussions on future and end-of-life care with a person with dementia’.
This guide may be a useful resource for teachers and learners

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Care of the Older Person (Holistic Care of the Older Person) - further information here
Care Provision and Practice 5N2706
Care Provision and Practice Resource List
Care Skills 5N2270 

Care Skills Resource List

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Care Skills 5N2270 - further information here
Care Support 5N0758  Care Support Resource List

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Care Support 5N0758 - further information here
Child Development 5N1764  Child Development Resource List

Child Health & Well Being 5N1765  Child Health & Well Being Resource List

Childminding Practice 5N1766  Childminding Practice Resource List

Children with Additional Needs 5N2396  Children with Additional Needs Resource List

Classical Studies 5N3248  Classical Studies Resource List

Combined Materials 5N0764

Combined Materials Resource List
Communications 5N0690  Communications Resource List

Computer Illustrated Graphics 5N1929  Computer Illustrated Graphics Resource List

Computer Systems Hardware 5N0548  Computer Systems Hardware Resource List

Conflict Resolution 5N0692

Conflict Resolution Resource List
Cosmetic Studies 5N5307

Cosmetic Studies Resource List
Creative Arts for Early Childhood 5N1769  Creative Arts for Early Childhood Resource List

Criminology 5N2107 Criminology Resource List
Customer Service 5N0972

Customer Service Resource List
Database Methods 5N0783  Database Methods Resource List

Design Skills 5N0784  Design Skills Resource List

Desktop Publishing 5N0785  Desktop Publishing Resource List

Digital Marketing 5N1364  Digital Marketing Resource List

Digital Photography 5N1270

Distributed Systems 5N0544  Distributed Systems Resource List

Drawing 5N1862  Drawing Resource List

Early Care & Education Practice 5N1770  Early Care & Education Practice Resource List

Early Childhood Education & Play 5N1773  Early Childhood Education & Play Resource List

E-Business 5N1369  E-Business Resource List

English as a Second Language 5N1632

English As A Second Language Resource List
English Literature 5N3249  English Literature Resource List

Entrepreneurial Skills 5N1951 Entrepreneurial Skills Resource List
Equality and Disability 5N1273

Equality And Disability Resource List
European Studies 5N1444 European Studies 5N1444 Resource List

Exercise & Fitness 5N2668 Exercise & Fitness Resource List

Family Law 5N3786 Family Law Resource List

Food Chemistry 5N2748 Food Chemistry Resource List

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming 5N0541 Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming Resource List

Games Analysis and Design 5N1651 Games Analysis and Design Resource List
Graphic Design Skills 5N1978 Graphic Design Skills Resource List

Hairdressing Science 5N3346 Hairdressing Science Resource List

Hairdressing Theory & Practice 5N3345 Hairdressing Theory & Practice Resource List

Human Growth and Development 5N1279

 Human Growth and Development Resource List
Image Processing 5N1292 Image Processing Resource List

Infection Prevention & Control 5N3734 Infection Prevention & Control Resource List

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Infection Prevention & Control 5N3734 - further information here

Information and Communications Systems 5N1952

Information and Administration 5N1389

Information and Administration Resource List

Intellectual Disability Studies 5N1652 Intellectual Disability Studies 5N1652 Resource List

Intercultural Studies 5N0765

Intercultural Studies Resource List
Jazz Dance 5N6125 Jazz Dance Resource List

Laboratory Skills 5N2751

Laboratory Skills Resource List
Legal Practice & Procedures 5N1394 Legal Practice & Procedures Resource List

Marketing Practice 5N1400 Marketing Practice Resource List

Mathematics 5N1833 Mathematics Resource List

Maths for Information Technology 5N18396 Maths for Information Technology Resource List

Media Analysis 5N1298 Media Analysis Resource List

Microbiology 5N0737 Microbiology Resource List

Mobile Technologies 5N0580 Mobile Technologies Resource List

Music Industry Studies 5N1458 Music Industry Studies Resource List

Networking Essentials 5N2929

Networking Essentials Resource List
Nursing Theory & Practice 5N4325

Nursing Theory & Practice Resource List

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Nursing Theory and Practice 5N4325 - further information here

Nutrition 5N2006

Nutrition Resource List

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Nutrition 5N2006 - further information here

Operating Systems 5N2928 Operating Systems Resource List

Painting 5N1302 Painting Resource List

Palliative Care Support 5N3769

Palliative Care Support Resource List

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland in collaboration with the Irish Hospice  Foundation has developed three leaflets for families coping with dementia: These leaflets may be useful for teachers delivering, or learners following, modules leading to Palliative Care Support 5N3769 and Care of the Older Person 5N2706

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Palliative Care Support - further information here
Pastry, Baking and Desserts 5N2084 Pastry, Baking and Desserts Resource List

Payroll Manual and Computerised 5N1546 Payroll Manual and Computerised Resource List

Personal and Professional Development 5N2985 Personal and Professional Development Resource List

Personal Effectiveness 5N1390

 Personal Effectiveness Resource List
Plant Identification & Use 5N2527

Plant Identification & Use Resource List
Plant Protection 5N2546

Plant Protection Resource List
Plant Science 5N2528 Plant Science Resource List

Political Studies 5N1837 Political Studies Resource List

Printmaking 5N1373 Printmaking Resource List

Programming and Design Principles 5N2927 Programming and Design Principles Resource List

Psychology 5N0754

Psychology Resource List
Reception and Frontline Office Skills 5N1407

 Reception and Frontline Office Skills Resource list
Research & Study Skills 5N3113 Research & Study Skills Resource List

Retail Security 5N1777 Retail Security Resource List

Retail Selling 5N1619 Retail Selling Resource List

Safety & Health at Work 5N1794 Safety & Health at Work Resource List

School Aged Childcare 5N1781 School Aged Childcare Resource List

Sculpture 5N1918

 Sculpture Resource List
Security Industry Procedures 5N1785 Security Industry Procedures Resource List

Skin Care, Eye Treatments and Make-Up 5N3466

 Skincare, Eye Treatments And Make-Up Resource List
Social Studies 5N1370 Social Studies Resource List

Software Architecture 5N2772 Software Architecture Resource List

Sound Engineering & Production 5N1900 Sound Engineering & Production Resource List

Spanish 5N1630 Spanish Resource List
Special Needs Assisting 5N1786 Special Needs Assisting Resource List

Spreadsheet Methods 5N1977

Spreadsheet Methods Resource List

Common spreadsheet usability features

Explore key spreadsheet elements

Investigate common uses for spreadsheets


Spreadsheet design features

Textbook published to support delivery of a module leading to Spreadsheet Methods (Excelling in Spreadsheets; for Excel 2016 & 2019) - further information here

Sports Anatomy and Physiology 5N4648

Sports Anatomy and Physiology Resource List
Start your own Business 5N1418 Start your own Business Resource List

Teamworking 5N1367 Teamworking Resource List

Text Production 5N1422

 Text Production Resource List
The Internet 5N1611 The Internet Resource List

The Law & Insurance 5N3788 The Law & Insurance Resource List

Theatre Studies 5N4571 Theatre Studies Resource List

Tourism Principles and Practice 5N2078 Tourism Principles and Practice Resource List

Understanding Special Needs 5N1709 Understanding Special Needs Resource List

Virtualisation Support 5N2434 Virtualisation Support Resource List

Web Authoring 5N1910 Web Authoring Resource List

Word Processing 5N1358 Word Processing Resource List

Work Experience 5N1356

Work Experience Resource List

 "Working for Work" is an information book for unemployed people, front-line staff both in the state and community sector, and employers. 

It is produced by INOU - The Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed.

It is a comprehensive publication that brings together the wide range of supports available for unemployed people trying to return to work, education or training.

The book outlines an individual's entitlements to a number of social welfare payments and secondary benefits - including:
Jobseekers Payment, Education and Training Options and Return to Work Supports

Work Based Learning Toolkit

Skills 4 Work:Compilation of Draft Booklets developed by CDETB under the following headings:

  • Employer Engagement
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Developing Learner Soft Skills
  • Completing the Work Experience Supervisors Report
  • Externships for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers
Work Practice 5N1433

 Work Practice Resource List



Level 6

Component Title and Code Resources

Administration Practice 6N4169

Admin Practice Resource List
Business Management 6N4310 Business Management Resource List

Child Development 6N1942 Child Development Resource List

Child Psychology 6N2023 Child Psychology Resource List

Childhood Social Legal & Health Studies 6N1945 Childhood Social Legal & Health Studies Resource List

Communications 6N1950

 Communications Resource List
Community Arts Practice 6N3585 Community Arts Practice Resource List

Conflict Management 6N2775 Conflict Management Resource List

Customer Service 6N0697

Customer Service Resource List
Disability Awareness 6N1975

 Disability Awareness Resource List
Distributed Systems 6N0856 Distributed Systems Resource List

Early Childhood Curriculum 6N1944 Early Childhood Curriculum Resource List

Early Learning Environment 6N1933

Early Learning Environment Resource List

Learning and Developing through Play (Aistear)

Partnership Guidelines (Aistear)
Children's early learning and development (NCCA)
Out all week long - Norweigan Nature Pre-schools

Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy 6N1935 Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy 6N1935 Resource List

Equality and Diversity in Childcare 6N1974

 Equality And Diversity In Childcare Resource List
Exercise & Fitness 6N5345 Exercise & Fitness Resource List

Graphical User Interface Programming 6N0735 Graphical User Interface Programming Resource List

Leadership 6N2191

Leadership Resource List
Mental Health Awareness 6N2209

 Mental Health Awarness Resource List
Mobile Technologies 6N0734 Mobile Technologies Resource List

Network Infrastructure 6N0733 Network Infrastructure Resource List

Object Oriented Programming 6N2108 Object Oriented Programming Resource List

Personal & Professional Development 6N1949 Personal & Professional Development Resource List

Physical and Logical Networking 6N2093 Physical and Logical Networking Resource List

Project Management 6N4090 Project Management Resource List

Rehabilitation Practice 6N2196 Rehabilitation Practice Resource List

Software Architecture 6N17778 Software Architecture Resource List

Special Needs Assisting 6N1957

 Special Needs Assisting Resource List
Sports Psychology 6N4665 Sports Psycholog 6N4665 Resource List

Spreadsheet Methods 6N4089

Spreadsheet Methods Resource List

Customisation and Printing

Spreadsheet Design

Worksheet Features

Supervision in Early Childhood Care 6N1973

 Supervision In Early Childhood Care Resource List
Supervisory Security Management 6N1784 Supervisory Security Management Resource List

Systems Software 6N1411 Systems Software Resource List

Team Leadership 6N1948

 Team Leadership Resource List
Theatre Studies 6N3565 Theatre Studies Resource List

Training Delivery & Evaluation 6N3326 Training Delivery & Evaluation Resource List

Training Needs Identification & Design 6N3325 Training Needs Identification & Design Resource List

Virtualisation Support 6N1294 Virtualisation Support Resource List

Word Processing 6N4977 Word Processing Resource List

Work Experience 6N1946

Work Practice 6N1947 Work Practice Resource List