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Implementing Equality in Further Education programmes

FESS tools to support the equality proofing of programme delivery and assessment in Further Education – A Supplement to the FESS Equality Action Planning Framework 

In 2013 FESS was funded by the Equality Authority through the Equality Mainstreaming Unit to further develop the FESS Equality Action Planning Framework, and provide additional resources for providers in the area of programme delivery and assessment.

This resource comprises;


“Funded by the Equality Mainstreaming Unit which is jointly funded by the European Social Fund 2007-2013 and by the Equality Authority”

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Equality Action Planning Framework

During 2007 the Further Education Support Service (FESS) delivered an extremely well received programme of seminars on the theme of equality in further Education.

To further support providers in this area, in 2009 the FESS decided to establish an Equality Task Group. Through the workings of this task group resources have been developed and are now available to support Department of Education and Skills (DES) funded FE providers in implementing their current quality assurance policy on equality and its related procedures.

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