Well-being in the FET Environment

Well-Being in the FET Environment

Teacher and Tutor Well-Being in the FET Environment

ManSittingOnBooks To work effectively with learners it is important to take care of your own well-being, as a teacher and tutor. This booklet will explore how you can use the findings and strategies of positive psychology and maximise your own individual potential for happiness and well-being. Taking Care of Your Well-Being for FET Teachers and Tutors was developed by Dr. Marie Rooney on behalf of FESS to support those working in the FET sector. We hope that you find it useful.


Learner Well-Being in the FET Environment

WellbeingInTheFETEnvironment In Autumn 2015, FESS offered seminars in the area of learner well-being in the FET environment which were delivered by Dr. Marie Rooney. This document, Well-being in the Further Education and Training Environment may be useful to those working in the FET sector.
Identifying, Developing and Supporting Soft Skills Development in Learners - Coming Soon


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