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The following links may be of benefit to Further Education Providers. The list is not exhaustive and represents a sample of available information and resources.

The State Examinations Commission Reasonable Accommodations

The State Examinations Commission Advisory Group on Reasonable Accommodations, Consultative Document

CDETB Disability Support Service Principal's Manual

The Equality Authority
Lo Call: 1890 245 545
Email: info@equality.ie
Website: www.equality.ie

Other Useful Links: Disability
- CDETB Disability Support Service Principal's Manual
- AHEAD Association For Higher Education Access and Disability: http://www.ahead.ie
- National Disability Authority: http://www.nda.ie

The following documents, available on the National Disability Authority website, may be useful for you:
- Guidelines for Access Auditing of the Built Environment
- First Steps in Producing Accessible Publications
- Code of Practice on Accessibility of Public Services and Information Provided by Public Bodies

- www.disability.ie

The following guidelines are made available with thanks to The National Learning Network/CDETB Disability Support Service:

- Guidelines for Use of a Reader during an Exam
- Guidelines for Using a Scribe during an Exam
- Guidelines for Use of a Tape Recorder During Exams
- Guidelines for Using a Personal Assistant During an Exam
- Guidelines for Using an Irish Sign Language Interpreter During Exams
- Guidelines for Rest Breaks
- Guidelines on Accommodating Students in the Planning of Examinations
- Use of Technology During an Exam
- Other Accommodations
- Other Policy Recommendations

Learning Support
- National Learning Network: http://www.rehab.ie/index.aspx
- NEPS Resources: http://www.education.ie/en/Publications/Media-Library/Literacy-Resources/NEPS-Resources.html
- Dyslexia Association of Ireland: http://www.dyslexia.ie
- Special Education Support Service: http://www.sess.ie/

English Language Support
- NALA: National Adult Literacy Agency: http://www.nala.ie

Producing accessible materials
- NALA: Plain English guidelines: http://www.nala.ie

Reasonable Accommodation for Learners
- State Examinations Commission: http://www.sess.ie/faq/what-reasonable-accommodation-relation-examinations-run-state-examinations-commission

Information on Funding Sources
- DES: Fund for Students with Disabilities: http://www.education.ie
- Higher Education Authority (HEA): http://www.hea.ie/en/NationalAccess+Funding

Meeting the Needs of Learners from the Traveller Community
- Irish Traveller Movement: http://www.itmtrav.ie/

Race and Interculturalism
- Information on Anti-racism and Intercultural Training

Supporting Refugees and Asylum seekers in education
- Irish Refugee Council: http://www.irishrefugeecouncil.ie

Bullying/ Harrassment
- Anti Bullying Centre: Dublin City University : https://www4.dcu.ie/abc/index.shtml

- One Family: http://www.onefamily.ie/

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
- Gay and Lesbian Equality Network: http://www.glen.ie/

Older people
- Age Action Ireland: http://www.ageaction.ie/

- National Women's Council of Ireland: http://www.nwci.ie/
- Transgender Equality Network Ireland: http://www.teni.ie/Support