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Overview of Programme Development Process
Level 1 to Level 6

Please Note: In implementing the following steps, please refer to QQI Guidelines for Preparing Programme Descriptors

Scope the programme (see FETAC Tool 1):

  • What field or discipline is the focus?
  • What is the current provision?
  • Are there external requirements?
  • Decide on a draft programme title
  • What awards will the programme lead to (Major, Minor or Special Purpose)
  • Rationale for the programme (see FETAC Tool 2)
  • What approach will be taken in the development of the programme

Draft a framework for the overall programme (see FETAC Tool 3) (see FETAC tips and evaluation criteria on pages 13 - 22 Guidelines for Preparing Programme Descriptors):

  • Programme Title
  • Programme Profile
  • Learner Profile (common attributes, experiences and educational attainments)
  • Programme Objectives
  • Entry Criteria
  • Assessment Schedule
  • Programme Review Schedule
  • Transfer and Progression
  • Learner Supports
  • Specific Validation Requirements and Resources

Decide on how the programme will be delivered (see FETAC Tool 4):

  • Full-time or Part-time
  • Total Duration in Hours
  • Total Award Credit Value
  • Mode of Delivery
  • Delivery Methodologies

Draft a programme structure (see FETAC Tool 5):

  • Titles of programme modules
  • Titles and Code of FETAC Component(s) to be achieved in this programme module
  • Status (compulsory or optional)
  • Duration for each programme module

Draft an assessment schedule and plan (see FETAC Tool 6):

Identify the supports required for Learners following this programme (see FETAC Tool 7):

For each programme module included in the programme (see FETAC tips and evaluation criteria on pages 28 - 32 Guidelines for Preparing Programme Descriptors):

  • Identify a title
  • Outline programme module aims and objectives (see FETAC Tool 8)
  • Identify status (compulsory or optional)
  • Estimate duration in hours
  • Specify indicative content and programme outcomes (see FETAC Tool 9)
  • Identify which learning outcomes from the Component Specification(s) are achieved in this programme module by mapping (see FETAC Tool 10  and FETAC Tool 11)

Outline assessment information (see FETAC Tool 12):

  • Technique
  • Weighting
  • Time allocated
  • Format and content
  • Assessment criteria and marking scheme guide

Complete the application for programme validation on the QBS, copying and pasting the information from above