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May 2015

FESS has been requested by the IHREC to disseminate the following information;

Online Equality Training Course

Delivering Equality in Public Services: An Introduction for Front Line Staff IHREC logo

This e-learning course was produced by the IHREC for front line staff in Ireland's public sector but will benefit any organisation involved in service delivery.



Oct 2014

QQI and Solas open consultation for new Occupational/Practitioner Award-type Descriptors

QQI and Solas open consultation on standards for five Advanced Certificate craft awards 


FESS Information Note for Providers September 2014

FESS has issued an information note to providers to provide an update on information relating to current activites and issues.

Implementing Equality in Further Education programmes

FESS tools to support the equality proofing of programme delivery and assessment in Further Education – A Supplement to the FESS Equality Action Planning Framework 

In 2013 FESS was funded by the Equality Authority through the Equality Mainstreaming Unit to further develop the FESS Equality Action Planning Framework, and provide additional resources for providers in the area of programme delivery and assessment.

This resource comprises;

“Funded by the Equality Mainstreaming Unit which is jointly funded by the European Social Fund 2007-2013 and by the Equality Authority”
 co-funded logo    EU logo  Equality Authority logo 
Investing in your future


Check out the FESS template for writing an assessment brief


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