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Programme Development at Levels 3 - 6

FETAC has developed a range of new awards at Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6, through the Common Awards System (CAS). These awards are available to all FETAC registered Providers. Over the next number of months a limited number of further awards will be added at levels 5 and 6. In order to offer the learners an opportunity to achieve certification in one of the CAS awards a provider must develop a programme leading to that award and have that programme validated by QQI/FETAC prior to delivery.

A programme is a learning package, offered by a Provider, which has the capacity to enable the Learner to reach the standards of knowledge, skill and competence of the award(s).

These programmes must:
- be developed in accordance with the Provider's Quality Assurance agreement with FETAC
- meet the requirements of the published award(s)
- offer the Learner(s) the opportunity to achieve the standards outlined in the awards specifications
- be validated by QQI/FETAC prior to the programme being delivered to Learners


FESS has supported the implementation of the ETBI (formerly IVEA)/CEEOA Shared Programme Development Process.

Through this process the ETBs (formerly VECs) have so far developed a number of programmes and related programme modules from 2011 - 2013:

Level 4: 13 programmes and 80 related programme modules

Level 5: 57 programmes and 365 related programme modules

Level 6: 29 programmes and 205 related programme modules


Further information on programme development is available as follows:

- QQI Guidelines for Preparing Programme Descriptors
- Quality Assuring Assessment Guidelines for Providers May 2007

The following may also be useful as a reference:  

- The One to One Approach to Programme Development - Level 3
- Quality Assurance in Further Education and Training Policy and Guidelines for Providers v1.3
- Validation of Programmes: Policy (FETAC)
- Quality Assuring Assessment: Policy (FETAC)
- Determinations for the Outline National Framework of Qualifications (NQAI) - pages 16 and 19










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