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Integration of Delivery and Assessment

Programme Development at Levels 4 - 6

QQI has published a range of awards at Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6, through the Common Awards System (CAS). These awards are available to all providers registered for provision with QQI.

In order to offer the learners an opportunity to achieve certification in any of the CAS awards, a provider must develop a programme leading to that award and have that programme validated by QQI prior to delivery.

A programme is a learning package, offered by a provider, which has the capacity to enable the learner to reach the standards of knowledge, skill and competence of the award(s).

These programmes must:
- be developed in accordance with the provider's Quality Assurance
- meet the requirements of the published award(s)
- offer the learner(s) the opportunity to achieve the standards outlined in the award specifications
- be validated by QQI prior to the programme being offered to learners


FESS has supported the implementation of the ETBI-led shared programme development initiative

Through this process the ETBs have developed a number of programmes and related programme modules.


Further information on programme development is available as follows:

- QQI Guidelines For Preparing Programme Descriptors For Further Education and Training Programmes Leading To QQI CAS Awards, Revised October 2013

- QQI Quality Assuring Assessment Guidelines for Providers, Revised 2013